Burrelton Primary Schoo

Life at Burrelton Primary School

Our School

Front Foyer of Burrelton Primary School


Headteacher : Mrs Angela Thomson

Principal Teacher : Vacant

Primary Support Assistant : Mrs Elaine Hogg

Class Teachers: Mrs Evelyn Good (P1/2) Mrs Kay Hindmarch (P3/4), Miss Kirsten Forrest (P5/6),  Mr Ross MacDonald and Mrs Smith (P6/7)

Primary Support Worker: Mrs Laura Bruce/ Miss Kelly McIntosh

Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs Laura Bruce/ Mrs Karen Jamieson

Primary School Support Assistant: Mrs Karen Jamieson

Janitor: Mr Roddy Ritchie

Dining Assistant: Mr Robert Hendry

School Crossing Patroller: Vacant

School Cleaners: Ms Carol Duthie


Times for the school day

9am - School begins

9-10:40am - Session 1

10:40-10:55am  - Morning break

10:55 - 12:35pm - Session 2

12:35 - 1:20pm - Lunch

1:20-3:00pm - Session 3

3:00pm - End of School Day