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Life at Burrelton Primary School

Our Curriculum

Through our Curriculum Framework every child is given the support and opportunity to become a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and effective contributor to society.


We feel it is important for all our children to develop skills for learning life and their future work as adults. Our class teachers strive to make learning as stimulating and relevant to the real world as possible. This allows the children to make meaningful connections and practice their skills.


Class teachers implement a range of teaching strategies to support learning in their classrooms. Whole class discussion, co-operative learning and active learning are some of the strategies used across the school. ICT is also used as a learning tool to supplement and enhance the quality of learning.



Literacy is at the heart of children's learning across the curriculum and is one of the core subjects in Curriculum for Excellence. The development of literacy skills (listening, talking, reading and writing) is integrated into all areas of the curriculum.


At Burrelton, we aim to develop enthusiasm and a genuine passion for reading. Through use of Jolly Phonics, Oxford Reading Tree and Literacy World resources, we are able to provide children with a stimulating and effective reading programme to support them through the school. Children also have access to our school library, which has been designed as a cosy and peaceful space to read, whilst also being well stocked with books that are current and having been chosen by our pupils.


In writing, we currently use the ‘Big Writing’ programme across the school. This programme is extremely effective in identifying clear targets for children to work on. ‘Big Writing’ is done usually once a week and requires a lesson giving teacher input, followed by a quiet, structured time for pupils to write independently. An active approach is also used to support the teaching of Spelling and Grammar in classes.


Listening and Talking is covered both through our Literacy programme, and also through our learning contexts and other curricular areas.



Through use of Heinemann Active Maths and TeeJay Maths, we can provide a wide range of active and written learning experiences for children. These resources also have a clear progression ensuring that all children are able to be challenged appropriately within their classes. As problem solving and skills development are two key aspects of Maths, our new schemes of work encourage children to be able to apply their skills across a wide range of learning contexts.


Big Maths has now been fully implemented in classes across the school. Big Maths is our new resource for supporting the teaching of Mental Maths, and provides an exciting and motivating contexts for children to learn core mental maths skills. This programme is again progressive and caters for all individual learning needs.


Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is covered in classes through 2 sessions of Physical Education per week. One session is taught by the class teacher, and the other, currently on a Monday, by our PE specialist, Mrs Donna Bell. Alongside this, all classes have a weekly input of Bounceback. This programme of work helps children build up their understanding of core values and personal resilience. Through contexts, class teachers will also cover other Health topics including healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

As part of our Health and Wellbeing programme, pupils will learn about healthy lifestyles and relationships. We are always happy to discuss sensitive aspects of learning with parents.


Inter-Disciplinary Learning (Learning Context)


Each term, classes choose a learning context to study. Class learning contexts take account of curriculum Experiences and Outcomes and planning is completed through discussion with pupils.


At Burrelton we also feel that it is important to take account of real life learning opportunities. For example, classes this session P4/5 completed a topic on the Olympics as this is relevant to our pupils.


Parents are encouraged to support learning in our Learning Contexts, both through being involved in the learning process, and through curriculum evenings and open afternoons that are held in the school.


Religious/ Moral Education

The programme for Religious Education in our school aims to help pupils learn about Christianity and other major world religions. Pupils will be encouraged to learn from religions and to develop their own beliefs, attitudes, moral values and practices through a process of personal search, discovery and critical evaluation.


The school chaplain presently, Rev Stevie Thomson, of Burrelton – Cargill Parish Church visits the school on a monthly basis. Weekly assemblies are conducted by the Head Teacher and/or the Principal Teacher. We often have other speakers such as from The Gospel Hall, Perth.


Assembly (Together Time) provides opportunities for pupils to share together and celebrate as a school community those things which we value. They also provide opportunities for our pupils to reflect on spiritual and moral concerns. In this way pupils can increase their understanding of religious practices and the experience which underlies them.


End of term services are held in Cargill - Burrelton Parish Church. Parents and friends of the school are always welcome to join with the children in these services.


Parents who wish to withdraw their child from assemblies and other religious observance should in the first instance discuss the matter with the Head Teacher.



Learning happens wherever children are. Children therefore benefit greatly from the mutual support of parents/carers and teachers in encouraging them to learn both at home and at school. Home learning can also contribute positively to raising a child’s level of attainment and achievement.


We also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child’s’ development and any home learning should not prevent them from taking part in large range of after school clubs and organisations.


Work to be completed at home will be geared to the age and ability of the child and will reflect the work being undertaken in school. We would encourage parents to talk to their children about their home learning and to support them as they require it. In our infant classes, children will have reading to complete, and parents can record comments in their reading diaries to help teachers monitor their progress.


In order to help parents understand the work of the school further we do from time to time hold open evenings on aspects of the curriculum and also send out curricular material for parents to examine. In addition, parents and friends are invited to attend open afternoons and exhibitions of children’s work.


Our homework policy is available on request.


Pupil Values and Voice

As a school, we are committed to ensuring that our young people have a voice and have opportunities to develop within the four capacities of learning (Successful Learners, Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals)


Pupils have an opportunity to discuss their learning on a termly basis through Learning Conversations with the SMT. Also; each class completes a learning log weekly, discussing what they have been learning, and what their next steps/targets are. Each term, through the implementation of the ‘Visible Curriculum’, pupils are able to contribute ideas and suggestions to the planning process to allow personalisation and choice in their curriculum.


In Burrelton, we aim to provide appropriate opportunities for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural values. This will be taken in partnership with parents and will take account of the individual needs of pupils and the views of parents.


The school welcomes diversity and individuality and we encourage children to be honest, caring and to show respect for others.


We follow the Council policies for Equal Opportunities and ensure that all pupils will have access to the full range of educational experiences available within the resources of the school. We are firmly committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability. Burrelton Primary School is also committed to raising pupils’ awareness of environmental issues and to participating in the Eco-schools programme.  We were awarded our 6th Green Flag in Jun2 2017. 

We are a Rights Respecting School at Silver 'Rights Aware' level. We work closely with UNICEF to promote children's rights and are on our journey towards the Gold accreditation.