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Life at Burrelton Primary School

Primary 5/6 - Miss Forrest 2019-2020

 In literacy P5/6 will be focusing on personal writing, including diary entries, imagined personal responses, letters, recounts and autobiographies.  Our reading focus will be developing our thesaurus and dictionary skills.  Spelling patterns will be taught weekly and homework will support this. 

In maths P5/6 will be looking at durations of time, calculating perimeters and areas of shapes as well as revising their 2-9 times tables.  We will also be developing our problem-solving skills. 

We will finish off our Extreme Earth topic.  We will then be moving ion to the Christmas Show as our main focus, therefore developing our drama, acting and music skills.  P5/6 will be playing different roles in the performance and will be making scenes and props.

In PE we will be focusing on social dancing, developing dancing skills and performing dances in a sequence.  PE days are a Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure that your child has PE kit on these days.  Thank you.

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